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Showers 101: saving water and staying clean, personal hygiene 101, and how to bathe quickly

One of the biggest challenges facing hard workers all over the world is finding ways to get clean quickly. You work long shifts, you get grimy, and there’s all that sweat and odor to wash away. You’ve got to find an effective shower solution. We’ve all been in those situations where you work all day as a janitor or a farmer, and then come in and reek. It stays even after you shower and put on fresh clothes. You just want to blast off all the dirt and the smell, but with water conservation rules (and the price of water bills) that can be hard. Plus, with those weak new water-saver heads a lot of times you’re trying to work with a tiny trickle of water. If you’ve just got home and are super tired that’s a real pain. We wanted to make a helpful post to get you showering quickly and easily after a workday.

Here’s a list of tops for showering more effectively while spending less:

Get an efficient shower head:

It’s probably pretty obvious, but the biggest thing you can do to improve your shower is get a new shower head. You want to skirt the fine line between efficiency and effectiveness. Old shower heads worked well, because they put out buckets of water. But with new water laws, that level of usage is stupid, and downright illegal in most places. We found that the best solution for getting work grime off is to find an efficient shower head that has some sort of super charger action. A lot of times, it’s called aeration. Basically, it’s a way to boost up the water by putting more air in each drop. It feels a bit stingier and more aggressive, but it also gets the job done better. Those models also feel like you’re under more substantial amounts of water. More flow means you get dirt off quicker, too. If you’re in the market, click here for some great reviews for the better models out there.  Learn more about why you should be focusing on water conservation here:

Here’s another pro tip: Turn water on just when you need it. You’re wasting lots of water while you put shampoo in your hair, and if you’re doing that out of the flow, it’s not doing anything for your body either. Just switch it on and off. You save a good quarter of your water usage at least, which definitely shows up on the bill at the end of the month. Get something that saves the temperature setting, though, because it can be a real pain to find the sweet spot again once you’ve switched it off.

Some other ideas for saving money:

Cut down on products.

If you go to the drug store or wherever you buy your shower products, you see a good dozen different things, from soaps, to body washes, to shampoos and conditioners, let alone skin cleansers and the rest. Here’s a little secret: they’re all the same. Sure there are small differences, but pretty much all these products have the same ingredients, and you can very easily use just one or two for all your needs. Try something like Dr. Bronners for an all-around clean. That stuff works wonders on dirty work clothes, too.

Use soaps with essential oils.

This isn’t a hippie dippie health trick. It’s our tip because sometimes nature just knows best. It doesn’t matter how potent your cleaners or other job smells are-a good soap with essential oils will cut through it. Again, Dr. Bronners is a good one to try.