Personal Hygiene 101: How to Bathe Quickly (Guest Post from my Sister Tanaka)

Hello, everybody! This is Tanaka. I am writing today about something that I have noticed since I too came to America several years ago. I love many things about American lifestyle but this one is a bit confusing to me. It is why Americans spend so much time in the shower. It seems very wasteful to me and still Americans are less clean than Japanese as a culture or so it seems to me.


I thought I would offer my thoughts on how to bathe bathe quickly and effectively so that you may use your extra time that you save to do other productive things in your life and save the environment while you do so.

I find that a lot of bathing quickly comes from having a routine. I start at the top by washing my hair and going downward. I wash each section of my body in order. Head, face, neck, shoulders, arms and so forth until I reach my feet. I think this is important because you are methodical and you do not lose track of where you are or miss spots. You simply clean all the way down, and this way the soap suds also rinse down as you do so you do not have to rinse off separately after your shower.


I also think that one of the keys of how to bathe quickly is to have a good shower with a powerful shower head and good water pressure. You must have a wide coverage so that you can rinse your body without spending time spinning around and you need pressure to get wet and then get rinsed quickly without standing around in a trickle.


If your problem is that you do not have enough coverage from your shower head then I recommend that you buy a rain shower head because these have very wide heads with many spray holes that feel like you are standing in a waterfall. I have also found that many water saving shower heads have wide cones and they make the most of their water coverage because they have to get creative with the water that they use. But rain shower heads are the best thing for people who need to find more coverage.

If your shower does not have enough water pressure, that will make you spend much more time in the shower each time you go to wash. The way to make up for low pressure is to get a low-flow showerhead that uses less water. I was very surprised to see how much water your American shower heads use when I first came here. Our Japanese shower heads use much less water and perhaps that is why they are designed to do more to boost the water pressure. I find that I need to use a low-flow shower head to get any pressure at all in my brother’s flat here in America.


I have also observed that Americans have far too many different shower and bath products than they need. They have a shampoo, a soap, a body wash, a conditioner, a face scrub, I do not understand why you think you need all these different things. I suggest that you cut down on products. You only really need one good soap for your body and your face, because the companies who make them put the same ingredients in each one. It is only marketing to tell you you need both. Also get a good shampoo and ditch the conditioner because a good shampoo does not take moisture out of your hair, so you do not need another product to put it back in


I recommend reading more about personal hygiene 101 on this website here. It has many tips for finding good shower heads, and it is where I have found the ones I installed in my bathroom. I also enjoy how they explain the American rules for water use which were very hard to understand when I came here.
Thank you for reading and I hope my post has been helpful to you.